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About us:

Cook & Stans:

The 2 friends from Germany produce various styles as they seek new challenges.



At the moment they're focusing on more chilling melodic, progressive, chill stuff with special melodies.


They try to compose music that is pleasant to the ears. They focus on keeping the song interesting over time and on creating beautiful melodies.

Cook & Stans try to present you mellow synth sounds.



Their music is meant for traveling(especially through big cities), after-party, relaxing, background, enjoying...

The music should take you on a journey.



The name:

The name „Cook & Stans“ is derived from the 1990 computer-game „Monkey Island“.


In this game Stan is a boat-dealer who‘s very passionate in selling his used boats and he talks and talks without a chance to stop him.

That reminded us on how „Stans“ from „Cook & Stans“ always tried to talk „Cook“ into buying new expensive equipment and software.


Later we named „Cook“ Cook, because he‘s a bit harsh and critical on their tunes. And in every episode of Monkey Island you meet a very angry cook.



About the friends:

„Cook & Stans“ first met at the basketball-place of their small town. The two soon developed a strong friendship lasting until today.



Both studied at university for quite some time.

This leads to the habit of a very scientific approach to music:

They‘re reading books, searching the internet, analyzing music, watching tutorials and discussing new problems and ideas on the phone (musical, but also real-life problems).


One of their most favorite topic since 2010 is of course music.

(Although Stans started much earlier).

Cook & Stans talk about how to improve sound wise. But the both also discuss composing-techniques from classical to jazz, or contemporary/electronic-music techniques.

Arrangement questions or equipment investments are also important to them.



When with their girlfriends, you can often find them with headphones in front of their PCs.

Outside the house, while on the way, they‘re listening to their tunes for issues to fix.

There are rumors that even at work they are thinking about how to improve.



Updated our Website, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter Profile...


We've also changed our Soundcloud Profile-URL to:



New single uploaded - out on 19.02.

Another one 3 weeks later.

Follow-ups in production. 3 week cycle is our aim.



Wishing you all the good for the year 2021.

We've updated our whole discography on Bandcamp.



New single "Enchanted Land"



New single "Berlin 1999"



New single "Lost in Summer"



New single: "Freedom in the Sky"



Hey dear Acid Ted.

Thank you for your kind article about our song: "Welcome to the New ISS".




New Chill Tech Album "We're Back Chilling" is out. It's progressive House.



Hey Popmuzik :-)
Thanks for being featured on your Blog with our new #Dance #Pop single "I feel Free".



Hey @analoguetrash :-)
We really like the blog article you wrote about our song Solace :-)
Thank you :-)



We released 6 singles on Spotify in 2019 so far.

We're working to release some more catchy vocal Dance Pop singles.

After that we are going to put them together to a new album. This is going to happen the next few months.

Also some new songs with the singer Lucy Dalton are planned :-)

In addition some more underground songs are planned too.



We're so happy about this nice article by :-)



Markus has moved closer to Freiburg. So everything will be a bit easier now.



Hey ComeHereFloyd Blog :-) Thank you for writing this:



Thank you again Acid Ted Blog for this post.



We're happy we've got this nice blog article by Synths of Eden



Thank you very much Acid Ted Blog for writing this blog article about our song :-)



Thank you very much @ for this blog post :-)



We've reached over 60.000 listeners per month on Spotify.

We're really happy about that.

Thank you everybody :-)



Released a melodic electronic album:

"Science Journey"



Thank you for this great article @



Put out a hard techno album:

"Raw melodic Techno"


And a chilling house album:

"Chill House for Cruising"



Put out a compilation with chill tracks.

"Chilling LoFi and Trip Hop"



Released a remaster of the Dance Album:

"Electronic Circuit".


Released a melodic Techno Album:

"The Unexpected"



Released a liquid DnB Album:

"I live my Life"


and a Dub Techno Album:

"Dub Techno Science".



Released a downtempo chillout Album:

"Jazz Cafe"



Since today our first album is on Bandcamp.

We also released a Drum & Bass Album:

"The Liquids"


and an instrumental version of

"Another kind of world" in the last weeks.



We've got 2 Albums out now on Beatport, Spotify and all other stores.

There are 3 more albums to come in the next few weeks.

2 DNB and 1 Breakbeat album.

Thanks for your support :-)



We're working hard and will get out a lot of stuff in the next months.

We worked on these things for the past 6 years and now our aim is to finish them as soon as possible.

2 Techno albums have been uploaded and are right now on their way to the stores.

Next will be a breaks album. We'll release in the next few weeks.

(you can have a first listen in the links below)